Thanks for Being Here

Welcome to the blog! I’m Moira; I go by Mo, Mags, Maggie, Peg, and I’ll even answer to any of my siblings’ names. I appreciate your presence a lot. I’ve always had a liking for writing, love, and lifestyle choices, so I decided to blend them all together with this blog.

I’m fresh out of college with a background in Public Relations, Advertising, and Journalism. I love love and relationships, and I’ve had my fair few (across the board, not just romantic!), and I’d like to share experiences I learned from that helped me grow individually and otherwise.

My go-to karaoke songs are “Don’t Stop Believin'” “Your Love” and “Bette Davis Eyes.” The only shows I watch the moment they air are Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0. I can speak fluently in movie quotes, and I am proudly born and raised in the Midwest. I adore all things artistic, and I am slowly but surely getting comfortable behind a camera.