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No Spending January: Day Two

Yesterday, I took a look at my bank statement from December; yikes, man.  It’s an outlier month because of the holidays, however most of the spending was on myself.  In order to be more financially comfortable in 2019,  I stole a friend’s idea to participate in No Spending January.

The Rules: Essentials only. Gas, groceries, bills.  That’s it. No late night Amazon Prime shopping or Starbucks coffee runs. Not even a spontaneous trip to Target. And worst of all, no beers because it was a rough Tuesday.

It’s January 2, 2019, and I’m already struggling.  I wanted to go to Target today to get a new pair of shoes for work. Nope. So instead I cleaned my house, organized my closet, and took the dog on two three-mile walks.

I’ve added, then deleted, four items from my Amazon cart.  I even contemplated going to the mall.  I hate malls.  Things are getting rough.  However, if I keep talking myself out of spending, and assuming I would keep my selfish spending habits consistent month to month, I will save myself nearly $350 in January.  That’s a car payment, or more than two cell phone bills or two months of cable.

I’m disgusting.

Please read this so I am held accountable.  For the sake of my retirement, I beg you.

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