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No Spending January: Day 22

Yikes. Things are not going great.

In my defense, I started a new job, which had to be matched with a new wardrobe. Come on, I’m finally have a regular, promised paycheck. I can treat myself to a few outfits from Banana Republic (Factory, might I add!) right?

However, I compromised. For every article of clothing I purchased, I listed one I already had on my Poshmark (go shop away). Then, to really put me in the minimalistic mood, I watched the Netflix original everyone is raving about, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Who knew I had so many t-shirts with many different allusions to drinking alcohol?!

However, I came up with a modified challenge to finish out the month. Every time I think about making a needless Target run or add something to my cart on Amazon, I talk myself out of it (usually) and make a student loan payment instead. My average Amazon order is right around $30, so that’s the amount I put towards my inevitable debt.

After my last post, so many people reached out and said they were inspired. I hope you are all still going strong! Don’t give in because I did. Keep on trucking for the remaining nine days!

1 thought on “No Spending January: Day 22”

  1. Keep it up, it will become a new life style. When you do purchase something for yourself (not this month) you will really need and appreciate it more. Being a responsible adult is not easy but take pride in your decisions as I am so proud of you.


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