Eight Kitchen Necessities for Meal Prep

About a year ago, I started a job that required an hour commute. I was not a morning person by any means. I found myself prioritizing sleep weekday mornings instead of packing a lunch together. Which caused me to eat out, not always healthy or economically friendly, or not eat lunch at all, which is also not hungry or beneficial to my coworkers.

I began to notice sluggish behavior throughout the day. I was falling asleep at my desk and treating my body like a garbage can. Like any millennial, I took to Pinterest and Instagram to find some remedies.

After about an hour of scrolling through healthy hashtags and recipe boards, I made a decision: I needed to meal prep.

It seemed so easy. Time consuming, definitely, but I dove right into Pinterest recipes and began dedicating Sundays to planning, shopping, and prepping food for the week. All three meals and two snacks DAILY. It was incredible.

I noticed changes within the first couple of weeks. I wasn’t tired, I was fueling my body with great nutrients, and I wasn’t throwing away liquified spinach weekly.

I decided to call out some tools that have made meal prepping SO much easier. Links included, enjoy!

This pineapple corer from Target is incredible. I read the reviews before buying; I was deciding between this one or the stainless steel one. The plastic corer does the job nicely at a fraction of the cost! Cut up your fruit, store it in a container in the fridge, and you have fresh, cold fruit at the tips of your fingers!

Every kitchen needs an apple slicer! Apples and peanut butter is my favorite afternoon snack. Save so much time (and finger tips) with this slicer from Bed Bath and Beyond! My work kitchen is equipped with one, but most slicers have covers so you can stick it in your lunch tote. Tip: if you don’t want to bring your slicer with you, drizzle some lemon juice on your apple slices to prevent them from turning brown!

Every successful meal prepper has reusable container. This set from Amazon is INCREDIBLE. Glass and airtight lids make sure nothing spills in your lunch bag. These low profile containers stack nicely in the fridge and allow totes to zip shut!

Meal prepping uses a ton of my dishes. When I first started I only had two hard plastic cutting boards, and I found myself having to wash it numerous times through my prep session. This set from amazon are flexible and designated for specific food groups so cross contamination with raw meat is hard to come by!

These knives are so fun to look at and also lower the chance of cross-contamination during prep. The covers assure no stab wounds while ruffling through drawers, and I love cutting up fresh fruit and veggies weekly to just grab on the go!

I was 19 years old when I found out I should not be storing or prepping raw meat in plastic containers. Plastic is porous and nearly impossible to sterilize, therefore chancing a foodborne illness. I also love to bake, and having a set of mixing bowls of various sizes make for organized chaos.

I never used to be a water snob. I’ve always had my preferences, but tap was more than fine in my eyes. Until I moved into a brand new building. My water tasted so weird! So I made a small investment to this brita filter, and now there’s not goin back! I try to drink at least two pitchers daily to ensure I’m staying hydrated!

Lastly, having a reusable lunch bag is KEY to meal prepping. It protects and insulates the food, and lunch boxes are quite stylish these days! This is my favorite one from Amazon.

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