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Thank God for Girlfriends

I started this on March 2, 2019. Three and a half months ago life was so different. Three and a half months before that, even more different. And the way I've looked at my girlfriends has also changed drastically. For the best. My two greatest friends and I have been long distance for years. We… Continue reading Thank God for Girlfriends

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Disclaimer: as you read this, be aware that I have already taken my double dose of melatonin. Earlier this week, my mom called me. She calls me on the daily, but the particular conversation I am going to reference happened earlier this week. It was Sunday, so we each delivered a download on our respective… Continue reading #IWD

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“I Won’t Forget to Put Roses on Your Grave”

I don't think anyone ever accused the Stones of being too ethical or too moral, but that could just be my age showing. However, as part of my resolution to do more, I am going to broaden my creative thinking. Sticky Fingers is a great album. From the functional zipper to the actual music. I… Continue reading “I Won’t Forget to Put Roses on Your Grave”

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Reaction to You

Warning: there may be spoilers in this article. Yesterday I decided to give the Lifetime series You a chance. A snowy morning and night a lone were as good excuse as any to binge. I hated it, but I couldn't stop watching. I had heard that it was scary but in a suspenseful, day-time way. Elizabeth Lail plays Guinevere Beck, a struggling… Continue reading Reaction to You

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No Spending January: Day 22

Yikes. Things are not going great. In my defense, I started a new job, which had to be matched with a new wardrobe. Come on, I'm finally have a regular, promised paycheck. I can treat myself to a few outfits from Banana Republic (Factory, might I add!) right? However, I compromised. For every article of… Continue reading No Spending January: Day 22